Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blazers & Sperrys + Falling Leaves

Blazer: Thrifted // Top: Gap // Jeans: Ross // Sperrys: Ross // Socks: Gap // Earrings: FEATHERHEAD

Yesterday it was rainy, and perfect FALL weather. I loved every second of it. Today was 37 degrees...I wasn't loving it so much. We went to Cafe Rio & then to the fabric store to get stuff for the pencil skirt I'm making [burnt orange...oh yes.] I got out all of my winter/fall clothes & swapped out my summer ones and it was so exciting--I can hardly wait to share them with you guys. 

I think I'd have to say Fall is my very favorite season. I love the clothes & the weather & the cuddling & food. In fact...I'm going to go make myself a BIG mug of hot chocolate & whip cream---heavy on the whip cream :)

Did you notice my FEATHERHEAD earrings? If you like them, make sure you check out our giveaway by clicking here!

What's your guys' favorite fall clothing item? 

Mine? Socks. Comfy. Warm. Socks.



  1. 1. I love your outfit, it couldn't be more fall perfect and 2. I LOVE Cafe Rio, sooo jealous!

  2. I love Fall clothes too- my boots & oversized sweaters make me smile :)

  3. i love warm, tall and comfy socks too! i am currently wearing little nylon socks with my boots and i am so cold! shoulda worn knee high socks : / and 2nd is leggings, but 2 pairs at once. So comfy, totally not restricting at all and they stay soo warm throughout the day!

    and i've heard about cafe rio and looked up the menu several times...i am jealous!!

  4. Hi Isabel! I'm Courtney - Carissa's sister-in-law. Nice to meet you! I've been unofficially following this blog for a while now, but I've recently created my own and am now truly following! I'm so excited to continue watching this blog grow. It's been fun keeping up with your great outfit ideas and thrifting finds.

    Great blazer, by the way! :)

  5. I love the cuffed jeans. Just bought some. You are right up there with Europe. Love your blog. Rhonda

  6. I am not anonymous. I'll try to change that. Where is that Johnney guy when I need his help


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