Monday, October 10, 2011

Winter Cabin & Giveaway Winner!

This weekend at the cabin was heaven. Seriously. It was so snowy there and we were up to all sorts of craziness. We attached a sled to the four wheeler & carted everyone around. I managed to get before & after photos which you can see below. We ate way too much & then cured our full tummies with a little JBiebs. It brought me back to my days of listening to justin timberlake for hours on end...though I didn't cry or scream hysterically at his concert....you've gotta hand it to those girls, they are passionate. 

I'd love to tell you our trek up the hill to the cabin consisted of all of us smiling & looking lovely like above....but really...it was like this....

I know you guys must all be wanting a pair of my neon green snow boots, but I'm sorry to tell you they are from years ago. What can I say? They're definitely a statement. 

P. S. The giveaway winner of the FEATHERHEAD is Kendra L. ! 
Congrats girl! Contact me at blogfashionic@gmail.com to claim your prize.


My husband is in a video competition about traveling, his makes me want to pack up & run off to europe tonight! 


  1. Okay... seriously... I make the cutest girls. (Mom helped.)

  2. Hey Izzy, I really like the changes you made to your blog. It was great before and looks even more streamlined now. I am a little jealous of your green snow shoes though, if for nothing other than warmth. :)



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