Friday, October 28, 2011

Just So Darn Cute & Engagement Advice

Okay so I didn't technically stalk these couples...but if I had indeed seen them dressed this well in a random field or canyon, I would have stalked them, for sure. 

The truth is, these are their engagements. Exciting huh?! 
Johnny and I have a side photography business called Simple Flare
He takes care of the actual taking of photos & I manage the posing/styling/primping end of it--in short, I make sure dresses stay unwrinkled, bangs stay in place, & ties don't go flying all over the place. It's a very complicated position as you might imagine. 

In addition to these two couples we are so excited to photograph a new client for her engagements, bridals & wedding this winter! [photos to come on that!] 

First up: 
Chase & Jessica
Getting married December 18th, 2011
Where are they from?
Her: Lehi, UT
Him: SLC, UT

Lisa & Austin
Getting married May 26, 2012
Where are they from?
Her: Sandy, UT
Him: San Diego, CA

I am so excited for these four & wish them the very best. 

And for those of you who are engaged, or about to be engaged I thought I'd leave three little pieces of advice that I found useful during our six month engagement.

1. Your engagement is (or will be) a very stressful time. Especially if you have other things like work, or school going on. Don't sweat the small stuff while planning your wedding. You know that whole, "every little detail matters" BS? Throw it out the window. Make sure you're equipped with the essentials, and if there is time in the end--then you can put your energy towards the tiny details--otherwise, forget'm. 

2. Get a good photographer. [no, this is not a sales pitch)--if you're in UT, there are tons of good photographers with great prices, and if you're not, this is the main thing I recommend splurging on. The day will seem like a total blur, and by the time it's all over you'll thank your lucky stars that you invested in incredible photos that document one of your most special days with your most special person. [ALSO: make sure the photographer has time before the reception/wedding to take photos of decor...these things can get overlooked if time is not allotted!]

3. Do not get fake nails.  Just kidding, but really. My last bit of advice is to go natural--you want your wedding photos & memories to be as timeless as possible, so if you prefer to go trendy, then go trendy with decor & food, but as far as the styling goes, I believe it is best to look like yourself--granted, a more dressed up & elegant version of yourself--but if you are not someone who fake tans, don't fake tan for your wedding, if you never wear straight hair, don't wear it straight for your wedding, if you wear very little make up on a day to day basis, then only wear a little bit more on that special day. You want to remember who you were on that day, not your favorite styles in a magazine.  


check out Simple Flare & let me know what you think!


  1. Adorable!! These are such lovely photos! That's so sweet that you and your husband work as a team for photo shoots :)

    P.S. The Simple Flare site looks awesome!

  2. Stopping by from Followers Fest. I totally agree with getting a fantastic photographer for your Big Day. Wedding days happen so quickly. I was convinced that I couldn't remember anything about mine until I went through my proofs.

  3. those pics are fantastic! i love the quirkiness and the color of the photos.

  4. I'M COMPLETELY in love with everything about your blog and these photos---amazing! so happy to be your newest follower :)

  5. Dropping by from the followers fest...I am in LOVE with your header..and the pics are so precious! New follower ;)

  6. found you through followers fest and love your blog!! :) the engagement pics are soo cute!

  7. so cute.

  8. Wow! These are so lovely! I wish I got an engagement shoot:( maybe we'll have to settle for an anniversary one instead! Do you fly to Australia;)

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