Thursday, October 13, 2011

BIG sweaters & leggings

 Sweater: LOFT // Leggings: Kohls [vera wang] // Socks: gifted // Boots: Ross

It felt so right putting on this oversized sweater. So, so right. And combining that with elastic waist leggings? There are few things better than that. The only trouble with an outfit like this, is that I feel like I'm fully prepared to tuck into bed & sleep the day away. Ah, well....comfiness like that has to come at some sort of a price I suppose. 

What's your comfy go-to outfit?

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  1. i was totally wearing a big sweater and leggings today too! then i came home and it was too hot so i switched to gym shorts! cute outfit!! :D

  2. Another great shoot. The first and second picture are FAB! You look so Fall! I love it.


  3. Izzy! Your eyes are so gorgeous!

  4. ok #1. your eyes in that first pic. awesomeeee.
    #2. those boots. i want those boots RIGHT NOW.
    #3. i don't have a comfy go to outfit just yet. still trying to find it. i'm kinda living in the delusion that it's still summer :)

  5. Those boots are amazing! What brand are they, because I'm totally going to ask my hubby for them for my b-day:) Also, I love your banner. Seriously, every combo in the banner. Love. Let's be friends and then you can revamp my wardrobe. Thanks. :P

  6. leggings are by far my favorite comfy outfit piece! leggings and uggs (gasp!) or boots with warm socks and sweaters. perfect!

  7. Love this outfit - it's comfy and cute all at the same time :) I especially like your socks and boots!

  8. oh I'm in love, adorable! Love love love it.
    I'm a huge fan of sweaters and tights...unfortunately all of my boots are packed away and I have yet to figure out what box they are in. what a bummer.


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