Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome + Fall Tips [plus giveaway winner!]

The Oh It's Caitlin Giveaway winner is username: peacecolleteandhappiness

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Over the past month or so I've noticed quite a few new readers and I am very happy to have you all! My goal is to stop by each of your blogs & say a quick hello!  Blogging is most fun when I actually know each of you & am able to develop friendships through whole process--so let's make it happen! 

As it is in my opinion [which, as my husband knows well] is always right, (no? it's probably best to let me keep believing it) the most beautiful time of the year, I have a few tips for you guys to make the most of your fall season!

1. Make this hot chocolate:
-Mix 3 tbs. of baking cocoa & 2 tbs. of sugar
-Heat on medium while, slowly blending in evaporated milk (yes, I'm endorsing canned milk) until the powder becomes a paste
-Add the rest of the 12 oz can of evaporated milk PLUS 1 1/2 cups of milk (regular milk...just go with it.)
-Do not boil--once hot enough for your liking, add 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract 
-Serve with, of course, lots of marshmallows! 
2. Listen to the "Ingrid Michaelson & Sarah Bareillis Holiday" station on Pandora. [as I do, all. freaking. day.]
3. Take a walk by yourself, without your cell phone, pager, television [ha! now that would be a sight to see.] & keep your head up at the view. [you'd be surprised how often we look down!]
4. Let these ingredients simmer on your stove...in water of course [Warning: this fall goodness scent may prove to be addictive] 
-Cinnamon sticks
-Apple peels
-Orange rinds
-Whole cloves

There ya go, Let me know how you like'm! 
If you've got any tips for me, I'd love to hear them! I'm willing to do almost anything to make this fall season the best one yet. 



  1. Great tips!! I love trying all the different pumpkin flavored things during the fall, and I recently found a great pumpkin bread mix at Trader Joe's. Bike riding is also a lot of fun in the fall because the temperature is really pleasant and there are so many pretty colors to look at. :)

  2. Um...I haven't been around lately...but can I tell you: LOVE THE NEW BLOGGY LOOK!

  3. The Fritz place is fairly new! It's right by the bremerton ferry, next to the starbucks, subway, and taco del mar! Still not as good as the real stuff but they have alot of crazy good sauces to try out. It's good to hear from you again, and I gotta say I am LOVING your blog. The fall scents trick on the stove is about to be a new staple in my house!! I need a winter scents one stat!!

    -Melissa Tran


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