Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall "Goals" & Giveaway winner!!

This fall, I am making it my goal to compile these outfits, for CHEAP. I'm talking goodwill/hand-me-down/dumpster-diving cheap. Okay, maybe scratch the dumpster diving....maybe. I think one pair of brown boots would work with each of these ensembles....so it's mainly the accessories, tops & bag(s) I'll be searching for. I'll keep you updated as I go, & let you know where I can find the best deals...because I know you ALL want to flaunt these looks too! 

Want to join me?

Whether you already have these looks in your closet, or are joining me to search for them starting tonight, make sure to send me updates on what you find! 

I'll try my best to tweet each piece as I find them including price & location--you do the same! 

Twitter: @adoseoflovely
Email: blogfashionic@gmail.com


Winner of the giveaway: Michelle Hagewood
congrats girl! contact me at blogfashionic@gmail.com 
You have to send us a photo of you in those 1970's Leather Heel Knee High Black Boots so we can see how great you look!!


  1. the top right brown bag is Coach and back in my days of working for Coach it was $795, who knows how much it sales for now!! I have it in tan and in black and it is sooooooo heavy it's ridiculous! I cant carry any of my Coach leather bags anymore because they hurt my back so badly :( And the watch in the 4th one is amazing and I'd suuure like to have it!

  2. eek! Well I can assure you I won't be spending that much! But I'm sure I can find the same type of style for pretty inexpensive! I know what you mean, I've been looking for backpacks that are better on my back because it's been killing me!

  3. I just bought a denim shirt from Old Navy for a reasonable price. And it's super comfy. Just a hint :)

    Blake @ Fearless

  4. I love these outfits! That's what I need....to see all the pieces that make up a cute outfit. I am fashion challenged haha. But I've been wanting to pay more attention and buy pieces for outfits that will be versitile. I'll be watching for this!


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