Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ready for Fall fashion

Blazer: H&M // Top,shoes,necklace: F21 // Jeans: Nordstrom Rack

I live for Fall fashion so I am ready for it to be that time of year again! Boyfriend blazers scream Fall to me, but because I didn't want to fully commit to that theme I paired it with a summery dress and nude heels. I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for Summer to be over. Bring on the fall scarves, boots, and cardigans... And of course with fall comes my wedding in November! It's going to be a good season. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Floral Skirt

 Shirt: Thrifted, Necklace: Gifted, Skirt/Shoes: Nordstrom's Rack

Classes are officially in session...and let me tell you, I'm a little overwhelmed with what's in store for me this semester. We've had family in town for the past week and it has been a blast!  The highlight was easily tubing down the provo river. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard, I swear, there is no way to look "cool" when plopped on a somewhat deflated tube and frantically wailing your arms to attempt to steer. It was hilarious. If I can manage to squeeze in moments like those into my schedule this semester I should be able to manage just fine...

Any last minute summer plans in the making??


Monday, August 29, 2011

Thrifted: Floral Dress

Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Okay so let me start by saying I was talked into buying this dress. I liked it when I tried it on but honestly didn't think I would wear it anywhere...and I haven't. It would look so much cuter with a pair of wedges. I personally think it's a cute dress but I'm afraid that nobody else will get it. Like maybe it looks like a costume? Does this dress look silly? If I don't wear it soon I feel as if I never will. If you guys say it's too out there then I'm probably going to trash it. Or maybe I could make something else out of it...  The fate of this dress is in your hands! 

Share your dose of lovely: Keep the dress or trash it?

Friday, August 26, 2011

What Isabel is Loving

Shimmer Waves Bronze from The Body Shop-- This stuff is fantastic! First of all, it's five eye shadows in one, and they all look beautiful when combined, especially with hazel eyes. I even use this stuff as a blush, and it adds a really nice shimmer--which I just love. 

My sisters! I now have BOTH of my sisters in the same state as me! The last time that was the case, we hadn't quite figured out the whole best friends/sisters thing. So this time, now that we all are best friends, it should be an absolute blast. You guys better count on seeing more of these ladies during these next few years! 

Turquoise....EVERYTHING! I seriously love this color, love the look, love the stone, love it all! I feel like my turquoise pieces can match with all colors and make any outfit pop! Lucky's jewelry line carries a lot of turquoise....and I already own too much of it (is there even such thing as too much turquoise)? You should check it out next time you have a chance. 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Denim Dress//Red belt

My husband thought a photo on the hydrant would be cool since it would match with the belt...I think he just wanted to watch me struggle with my terrible balance. 

Shoes: Nordstrom's Rack // Dress: Ross // Belt: TJ Maxx

These Enzo Angiolini wedges are fantastic. They work with practically any summer outfit, and help give me a few more well-needed inches. I also love owning plain dresses like this that can be dressed up or down; items like this really help stretch a wardrobe without costing. It's near 100 degrees here lately and I'm not so good with the heat--dresses are a perfect solution in weather like this, airy, light, and comfy. In fact....with that description it seems that dresses are the perfect solution to anything. 

Share your dose of lovely: What's your favorite way to spice up a basic?   

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of A Dose of Lovely's very first 

giveaway is

 Eliesa Miraye

 Congrats! Contact us so that we can send them your way! 


Keep checking in for more upcoming giveaways! 

Garage Sale Goodies!

Jacket, bag: garage sale // Shorts: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: F21 // Shoes: Fremont market

My sister and I discovered a massive garage sale a couple weekends ago and found the coolest stuff. For instance, this red wool coat ($4) and this vintage bag ($2). It's a little too warm this week to wear the coat but when fall rolls around it will be perfect! I've been wearing this bag almost everyday and have gotten several compliments on it already. I die for the vintage rose pattern.

From the same garage sale I got this cute retro apron (for when I'm a Mrs. and start cooking for my Mr!) and a pretty scarf...

I strongly advise visiting some garage sales in your area this weekend! Until next time...


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Follow a Blog

Okay you all, I have been extremely hesitant in posting something like this, as to not seem desperate, but in the past 2 days I have had over 10 people ask me how to "follow" this blog (or any blog for that matter!).

My mom was one of the main spokesman for all of those out there who cannot figure out how to "follow" and you know what?! I'm don't blame them--it isn't very simple to figure out. 
This is incredibly ironic though, considering that all of my life, my mother has been incessantly reminding me not to be a follower and to be a leader....hmmm....there's a first for everything, right?

So here you all go

1. If you already have one of the following accounts (if you don't, see the options below), click the button on the right column of our blog that says "join this site"
Optional Accounts:   
    * Google
     * Twitter
   * Yahoo
   * Netlog
     * OpenID
2. From there you will login into your chosen account, and you will be logged as a follower!
3. If you prefer, you can now log into blogspot.com via your account and view a consolidated list of all of the blogs you follow [WARNING: this can be extremely addicting]

If you do not have any of these accounts you can:
1. Register to any of the above--from my experience gmail is the best e mail service I have ever used & I have tried far too many.
2. Subscribe to the blog by e-mail, in the upper right there is an option for this & you can subscribe by whichever e mail service you do have.

So there you go! I hope this helps.
& remember...
Be a leader, not a follower...except in the blogosphere. 

Loose Tops/Summer Days

Before I get started...Don't forget to enter our giveaway for the antique anchor button earrings! 
Contest winner will be awarded tomorrow at noon.

Scarf: Tj Maxx // Earrings: Made by Anna Harris Art // Top: Anthropology // Jeans: Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Toms

This week will be crazy. My brother in law and little sister will both be starting at BYU this fall, and this week is move-in week! I could not be more excited to have them here. I'm not one to get very excited about school, so luckily I will have my mom, and those two here to distract me with shopping trips, cooking, and eating all kinds of snacks! As it's always a guarantee that I will put on a few pounds with family (am I alone in this?!), I will be dressing in a lot of airy tops like this one.

Share your dose of lovely: How will you be spending these last bits of summer?


Monday, August 22, 2011

Bow Blouse

Shirt: F21 // Jeans: Pacsun // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack // Clutch/wallet: HOBO from Nordstrom

I wore this to church on Sunday (my church is usually pretty casual so it's acceptable to wear denim). I loved this shirt when I saw it. Perfect for summer because it's so light and breezy! I'm kind of loving bows these days... they're pretty cute. And this wallet, let me tell you, is awesome. If you don't always want to lug around a bag then this will hold your phone, keys, cards, dollars, etc. I love it! 

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Carissa is loving

I am saying "why not?" to backpacks lately. Only cute ones like this though. I've never been a backpack person, but why not? I don't think I'm prepared to wear one to the mall (then you look like one of those post-school mall rats, no thanks). So instead of a tote I could wear a backpack while traveling, going to the beach, camping, etc. It can be a really cute accessory! So why not backpacks?

Peachy Breeze by Sally Hansen has been my favorite color to wear this season! It's especially cute when paired with a gold glittery polish to go over. This color is fun and flirty.

Bow belts! I just bought one this past weekend at a vintage thrift shop in Seattle. It adds a little bit of fun to any outfit.

xo, carissa

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Friday, August 19, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Antique Anchor Button Earrings

Hello all! Aren't you guys so happy it is finally friday?! 
Well on top of the good news of upcoming days off, 
we will be having our very first giveaway

I'd like to introduce you all to one of the most fantastic couples around, 
Leland & Charla

A little bit about them: 

The Foundry is a soon-to-be husband and wife team from opposite coasts - he wants to be a sailor and she wants to be a hippie. Their name, the Foundry, is a double entendre referencing both the thrill of a good find and an allusion to the lead type foundries that letterpress printing used to (and often still does) rely on. Currently focusing on design prints and jewelry, they will be introducing personalized letterpress and giclĂ©e invitations and cards as well as a line of natural products like essential oil dryer bags and solid perfume. 

When they're not working on Foundry goods, they can be found foraging wild mushrooms, local edible plants, and interesting wood. Some of their more landmark adventures have included making stinging nettle gnocchi, finding western giant puffball mushrooms, and processing endless amounts of tomatoes from last year's community garden. The Foundry's founders love food and spend most of their budget on ingredients or fun edible outings every month. They don't have any kids yet, but they do have four dependents in the form of friendly feathered fowl: an americauna, a black star, a buff cochin, and a light brahma. When they aren't up to their eyes in soil or perfecting the chicken coop, they're dreaming about their next bout of travels. Between the two of them, they have been to 25 countries and lived in 6, which has contributed to their eclectic and ever-growing interests. 

Keep your eyes open for a blog detailing their findings, creations, and exploits (coming soon!) and check out their Foundry goods here.


Charla created these message in a bottle earrings, still available in their Etsy Store
Aren't they absolutely. freaking. adorable?! 

Shoes: Macy's // Leggings: Kohls // Shirt: Ross // Earrings: here

Lucky for you guys, the FOUNDRY is offering these anchor button earrings for todays giveaway! 

These earrings are one of our absolute favorites - we're real suckers for the nautical theme! Made from a matching pair of antique buttons, these metal post earrings are begging for some summer play with a 
navy blue dress. 
How can you win?

Mandatory to enter: be (or become) a follower of my blog and comment telling me what you would wear with these earrings! 

additional entries:

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+Tweet/Facebook/Blog  about this giveaway and comment with link! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cherry Print Sweater

Sweater: H&M, Tank: Target, Earrings: Here, Jeans: Macys

As our computer failed to load the second half of our photos, you will not be seeing any full body outfits here today, so let me tell you--I was wearing adorable, black wedges, that matched perfectly with my outfit, you would have loved them. Yesterday evening, the Mr. and I went on a picnic. We gathered yummy cheeses, bread, apples, carrots, and Jones Cream Soda---YUM. We talked, and laughed, and took photos all the while. It was nice to designate sometime to remembering how much we like each other, which is a lot, so much that I even gave him the last piece of sea salt dark chocolate. Now that, my friends, is real love. 

Check in tomorrow for our give away,


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Denim + Lace

Top: Wal-Mart // Skirt and shoes: F21 // Necklace: Vintage

I love the combination of denim and lace! I needed this scalloped edge skirt the first time I saw it at the store, I originially bought it for my engagement photos back in April and I still love wearing it. It's so easy to dress it up and down too. Okay so my necklace - I'm not a huge butterfly fan, but this is probably the only way I'd wear them (nearly hidden with surrounding silver). Plus it's vintage! Another reason to love it. 

Share your dose of lovely: What's your take on denim and lace?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Skirt

Top: Gap // Skirt: Thrifted // Belt: Ross // Shoes, Earrings: Nordstrom's Rack

I can hardly believe that we are already in mid august. The Mr. and I have some solid time off in the next week or so and we are looking forward to taking advantage of some of these summer days--I plan to wear long loose skirts so that I can assume the position of criss-cross-applesauce for every moment of them. Criss-cross-applesauce reminds me of a time when I was five, and my bestfriend and I would pick berries and crush them on the cement sidewalk outside my house, then we'd pour sugar on them, and call it jam. Best part? I'm pretty sure we would gobble it up afterward over toast. Do you think I should try the same technique this year? Or Maybe I should just keep the cooking indoors and sanitary.

Share your dose of lovely: What is your favorite summer recipe? [and if you're feeling nice enough, share it!]

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