Friday, October 28, 2011

Just So Darn Cute & Engagement Advice

Okay so I didn't technically stalk these couples...but if I had indeed seen them dressed this well in a random field or canyon, I would have stalked them, for sure. 

The truth is, these are their engagements. Exciting huh?! 
Johnny and I have a side photography business called Simple Flare
He takes care of the actual taking of photos & I manage the posing/styling/primping end of it--in short, I make sure dresses stay unwrinkled, bangs stay in place, & ties don't go flying all over the place. It's a very complicated position as you might imagine. 

In addition to these two couples we are so excited to photograph a new client for her engagements, bridals & wedding this winter! [photos to come on that!] 

First up: 
Chase & Jessica
Getting married December 18th, 2011
Where are they from?
Her: Lehi, UT
Him: SLC, UT

Lisa & Austin
Getting married May 26, 2012
Where are they from?
Her: Sandy, UT
Him: San Diego, CA

I am so excited for these four & wish them the very best. 

And for those of you who are engaged, or about to be engaged I thought I'd leave three little pieces of advice that I found useful during our six month engagement.

1. Your engagement is (or will be) a very stressful time. Especially if you have other things like work, or school going on. Don't sweat the small stuff while planning your wedding. You know that whole, "every little detail matters" BS? Throw it out the window. Make sure you're equipped with the essentials, and if there is time in the end--then you can put your energy towards the tiny details--otherwise, forget'm. 

2. Get a good photographer. [no, this is not a sales pitch)--if you're in UT, there are tons of good photographers with great prices, and if you're not, this is the main thing I recommend splurging on. The day will seem like a total blur, and by the time it's all over you'll thank your lucky stars that you invested in incredible photos that document one of your most special days with your most special person. [ALSO: make sure the photographer has time before the reception/wedding to take photos of decor...these things can get overlooked if time is not allotted!]

3. Do not get fake nails.  Just kidding, but really. My last bit of advice is to go natural--you want your wedding photos & memories to be as timeless as possible, so if you prefer to go trendy, then go trendy with decor & food, but as far as the styling goes, I believe it is best to look like yourself--granted, a more dressed up & elegant version of yourself--but if you are not someone who fake tans, don't fake tan for your wedding, if you never wear straight hair, don't wear it straight for your wedding, if you wear very little make up on a day to day basis, then only wear a little bit more on that special day. You want to remember who you were on that day, not your favorite styles in a magazine.  


check out Simple Flare & let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Handmade Mittens [made from vintage sweaters]


 This Thing We Do is offering a lucky reader one pair of their mittens!

Can I just tell you I am really excited to announce this giveaway? I got these mittens this past weekend and I have worn them every day without fail. My sister may have even tried to steal them...luckily she was unsuccessful. 

A bit about
We are a mom & three daughters who spend our free time making crafts. Our Grandma taught us to quilt, craft, sew, bake, garden, & how to feed cows. Now we spend our free time sewing...mittens are our latest hobby.

Hope you like our mittens!
Allison, Melissa, Lindsey, & Robin 

What I love about these mittens?
well, they are...
-Made from recycled thrift store sweaters
 -Made from wool
-Machine washable & dryable 
-A true, "one of a kind"
-& Most importantly, they actually keep your hands warm!! 

Sweater: AE // Jeans: Pac Sun // Boots: Tj Maxx // Glasses: UO // Mittens: This Thing We Do

 Some of my faves:

How to win yourself a pair?! 

MANDATORY: You MUST be or become a follower of A Dose of Lovely & Comment telling me which pair you would buy if you won!
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This giveaway will close Thursday, the 3rd at noon! Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn. 

Good luck!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall "Goals" & Giveaway winner!!

This fall, I am making it my goal to compile these outfits, for CHEAP. I'm talking goodwill/hand-me-down/dumpster-diving cheap. Okay, maybe scratch the dumpster diving....maybe. I think one pair of brown boots would work with each of these ensembles....so it's mainly the accessories, tops & bag(s) I'll be searching for. I'll keep you updated as I go, & let you know where I can find the best deals...because I know you ALL want to flaunt these looks too! 

Want to join me?

Whether you already have these looks in your closet, or are joining me to search for them starting tonight, make sure to send me updates on what you find! 

I'll try my best to tweet each piece as I find them including price & location--you do the same! 

Twitter: @adoseoflovely
Email: blogfashionic@gmail.com


Winner of the giveaway: Michelle Hagewood
congrats girl! contact me at blogfashionic@gmail.com 
You have to send us a photo of you in those 1970's Leather Heel Knee High Black Boots so we can see how great you look!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secrets Make Friends.

Necklace: Uganda, Africa // Turtle Neck: Shade // Jeans, Shoes: UO

Want to know a secret?

All I want to do for the rest of the week is watch dramatic tv shows & read fictional books while wrapped in gigantic blankets and surrounded by delicious desserts.

Tell me I'm not alone here.

Also, don't forget to click here to enter the giveaway for $25 e-credit to the Ande Mönster vintage clothing shop! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just So Darn Cute: Take 4

Meet Hannah Utley

From: Irvine, CA
Favorite Place to shop: Nordstrom, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters

Meet Annie Baird
From: Salt Lake City, Utah 
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom, Anthropologie

Sorry for the delay on stalking stranger posts! But here it is, and aren't you glad you waited?! No? You think I should stop making excuses & just post already? Okay...fine. 

I snagged both of these girls after my spanish class & they were total troopers about letting me take photos of them in front of tons of people....as it was passing period. PLUS they looked adorable while doing so! 

First outfit: I love black & brown together. I also love floral. Hannah threw together these two loves perfectly. The skinny belt around the cardigan only flatters her more in showing how teeny tiny she is!

Second outfit: I love the simplicity of this outfit. Those shoes are crazy cute & paired with skinny jeans & a slightly cropped top---so so right. I also loved her necklace, super simple, but still noticeable--don't get your hopes up though, she got it in hawaii.

Also, don't forget to click here to enter the giveaway for $25 e-credit to the Ande Mönster vintage clothing shop! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you like spain?! I like spain.

Alright you lovely readers! I need your help. 
Sorry to kind of spam you, but this is basically life or death.
Not really, but it is for my husband who takes all those awesome photos you guys get to look at 
whenever you dang well please. 

So....here's the deal! My husband [johnny] is in a video competition for our school.
It is about his experience studying abroad.
And, it rocks. [Yeah, I'm biased. Yeah, I would have to say that even if it didn't rock, so what?]

So here's what you can do:
1. Watch the video
2. Like the video
3. Comment on the video
[All you need to comment is a gmail account---so NO more excuses my gfc followers!]

AND if you're feeling extra zesty like I know you readers are--feel free to share it with your friends! 

♥ cardigans

Steve Madden Heels: Ross // Jeans: Ross // Cardigan: LOFT // Tank: Macys // Earrings: Antique Mall 

The weekend is less than 24 hours away, and that, my friends, makes me happy. This weekend, top priority is trying out the apple cake recipe my mom sent me, WITH apple glaze....now if that's not first priority, what is?! Most likely before we gorge ourselves with apple goodness, we will go on a nice fall hike, because sadly, speaking from experience...the snow is probably on it's way to Provo & it is more than likely coming at us with a vengeance...ugh.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ande Mönster GIVEAWAY! $25 in-store credit!

Some seriously rockin' pieces...

And that's only a few of your options! Ande Mönster offers a wide array of clothing, I went with this crocheted, cream, 
vintage, pencil skirt...and I haven't regretted it. Not even for one moment. 

A little bit about Ande Mönster

Ande Mönster, meaning Spirit Designs in Swedish, is about supplying you with one-of-a-kind vintage kind pieces. I started Ande Monster a little over one year ago because I needed a creative outlet. I love to shop for vintage clothing and often find adorable items but my closet was overflowing and I knew I needed to share my love. The photography and item descriptions aid in the creative outlet and shipping vintage items across the world helps me have a little more closet space. Owning a vintage shop just makes sense for a vintage lover like myself. 

Shirt: Thrifted // Skirt: c/o Ande Mönster // Shoes: Tj Maxx

MANDATORY: You MUST be or become a follower of A Dose of Lovely & Comment telling me what you would buy if you won!
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This giveaway will close Wednesday, the 26th at noon! Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn. 

Good luck!


Welcome + Fall Tips [plus giveaway winner!]

The Oh It's Caitlin Giveaway winner is username: peacecolleteandhappiness

Congratulations! Contact me at blogfashionic@gmail.com & we'll go from there!


Top: Volcom Outlet // Express Jeans: Thrifted // Sperrys: Ross

Over the past month or so I've noticed quite a few new readers and I am very happy to have you all! My goal is to stop by each of your blogs & say a quick hello!  Blogging is most fun when I actually know each of you & am able to develop friendships through whole process--so let's make it happen! 

As it is in my opinion [which, as my husband knows well] is always right, (no? it's probably best to let me keep believing it) the most beautiful time of the year, I have a few tips for you guys to make the most of your fall season!

1. Make this hot chocolate:
-Mix 3 tbs. of baking cocoa & 2 tbs. of sugar
-Heat on medium while, slowly blending in evaporated milk (yes, I'm endorsing canned milk) until the powder becomes a paste
-Add the rest of the 12 oz can of evaporated milk PLUS 1 1/2 cups of milk (regular milk...just go with it.)
-Do not boil--once hot enough for your liking, add 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract 
-Serve with, of course, lots of marshmallows! 
2. Listen to the "Ingrid Michaelson & Sarah Bareillis Holiday" station on Pandora. [as I do, all. freaking. day.]
3. Take a walk by yourself, without your cell phone, pager, television [ha! now that would be a sight to see.] & keep your head up at the view. [you'd be surprised how often we look down!]
4. Let these ingredients simmer on your stove...in water of course [Warning: this fall goodness scent may prove to be addictive] 
-Cinnamon sticks
-Apple peels
-Orange rinds
-Whole cloves

There ya go, Let me know how you like'm! 
If you've got any tips for me, I'd love to hear them! I'm willing to do almost anything to make this fall season the best one yet. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

BIG sweaters & leggings

 Sweater: LOFT // Leggings: Kohls [vera wang] // Socks: gifted // Boots: Ross

It felt so right putting on this oversized sweater. So, so right. And combining that with elastic waist leggings? There are few things better than that. The only trouble with an outfit like this, is that I feel like I'm fully prepared to tuck into bed & sleep the day away. Ah, well....comfiness like that has to come at some sort of a price I suppose. 

What's your comfy go-to outfit?

Don't you dare forget about my giveaway! click here to enter!