Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Finger

Sweater: Thrifted [husband's] // Jeans: UO // Necklace: Flea Market

Guess what? This was the very outfit I was wearing before I destroyed my index finger. 
It was a dark stormy night...
okay okay, it was actually just your average evening. We were cooking with friends, and I decided I absolutely had to have brownies...and that they absolutely had to have cream cheese filling mixed  in.
So while I was blending that cream cheese filling I stupidly chose to clear the cream cheese out of the hand immersion blender with my finger, accidentally turned it on, and then expressed my shock in form of words which I will kindly spare you of here....oops.
So 2.5 hours & 13 stitches later, I returned to the dinner & no...we did not have the cream cheese brownies.

That's what I get for giving into cravings.



  1. You look so cute, I still cant believe what happened ugh!

  2. Cute outfit!! I hope you get your brownies soon and that you're recovering well :)

  3. Whoa!!! You go get em girl. So so cute and ALWAYS rockin the latest fashions. Eyes like a tiger and you know it's happenin all the time! Hope that finger don't give you no trouble and hope that hubby don't give you even less!
    Uncle Ray

  4. uggg that does not sound good!! did blood get in the brownie batter?!

    Libby on the Label


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