Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Tunes

Remember I promised you that birthday song? Well here is the entire birthday VIDEO! 
And since I know none of you have 20 minutes to sit & watch some video, about some stranger's sister's birthday party, I'm providing you with a clip of just our song. But for you troopers out there, there are a lot of kind words and birthday poems you might want to steal for your special someone's upcoming birthday. 



  1. This video is amazing! I miss all of you so much and I wish I could have been there. Love you! (:

  2. awwwww it wasn't even my birthday and i was smiling the whole time watching it. great job Harris's . :)

  3. Hey! I was wondering who that girl with the amazing voice in the video is singing the ballad with the tan button up and blonde hair!! I would love to hear more of her music, does she have a youtube? facebook? itunes? myspace? That was lovely and I would totally buy her album.


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