Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

 HIM: Pants, Shoes: TJ Maxx // Shirt: Thrifted (Gap) ME: Pants: Macys // Shirt: Ross // Earrings: Antique Shop

So here is the scavenger hunt you all have been dying to hear about! Yesterday I sent my husband all around town gathering supplies for a fun photo shoot! You see...he is a photographer (Click Here to Check it out) and so he is always the one behind the camera & never in front! It was such a blast, and the balloons made for such great shots in the gorgeous sunny weather. It was so nice to spend time together at pioneer park & afterwards we stuffed ourselves at Slab Pizza. I'd call that a good day. 

Don't forget the Sarahndipities GIVEAWAY! 


  1. What a fun idea You guys are so cute! I love the yellow balloons :)

  2. Yellow balloons were a great choice, especially paired with the red and white striped shirt. You are an inspiration to me!!


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