Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Share Secrets

It's been an eventful weekend. I even managed to score an invitation to the ER [that's the place to be these days, right?] after putting my finger in a hand immersion blender. I'm telling people I got into a knife fight though, much cooler. So here I am, my friends, drugged up and ready to tell all of my secrets--you better start askin now! 

These boots I'm wearing, were bought by my dad, for my mom, while they were dating. Aren't they incredible?! I can & most likely will, wear them with everything. You would too, right?



  1. Uh, yes! Those boots are amazing. I'm always looking for vintage boots for fall and winter. :)

    And for someone who is drugged-up, you look fabulous.

  2. This is my favorite outfit/shoot of yours
    so far. Your Dad has excellent taste in boots!


  3. Those boots are fab! I hope your ok that sounds awful I'm afraid of blenders!


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