Friday, September 9, 2011

Blue Vans, Blue day.

Hello there my lovely readers! Today was a dream, it began with a shopping trip to a huge antique mall, a nice large diet coke, and then mexican food to follow. Here's a little secret though, as much as I love this outfit now while looking at the photos, I felt like a clown all day. Now, this is most likely because my little monthly present could be on it's way any moment now (TMI? Well, too bad, it's my blog.) Point is, it was one of those days--no matter how much I TRIED to look good or feel good, I felt like a silly girl playing dress up. Well. I've decided that on days like that, I am going to do one or all of the following:

1. Have a good cry
2. Let my sweet husband comfort
3. Change into sweats
4. Eat lots of chips & dip
5. ...and chocolate
6. Watch episodes of whatever trashy show seems to do the trick

Tonight....I'll do all six. 
For real though.


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  1. Haha your list sounds like mine :)

  2. aw isabel i think you look adorable!

  3. Well I think this is a really cute outfit :) Those days are the worst, I hope you're feeling better. My list is pretty much the same - lots of chocolate, cuddling, and trashy TV.

  4. Yeah that list always makes me feel better too!

  5. i think your outfit is really cute! Casual and comfy :)


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