Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 Months!

Shirt: Ross // Shoes: Old Navy // Earrings: Nordstrom Rack // Vigoss Jeans: Goodwill ($5)

It feels like it's been years since I last posted! Crazy. This week has been as hectic as ever, but good hectic. I love my classes. I've also started spinning & weight training classes, so I feel good & full of endorphins most days---only draw back is that I'm attending most of my classes in big t shirts & shorts. I can see a work out clothes make overs in the future...*hint* *hint*. Anyway, even though this week has been crazy it has been so fun. The Mr. and I have been as chatty as ever with each other & staying up way to late with pillow talk! I can think of few things that make me happier than that boy.... actually, I can't think of anything that makes me happier than him!

We just hit our eight month mark this week & it seriously has just flown by. It feels like a week ago we were in Europe. In such a short time I think I've given more of myself to him than anyone ever. I think you guys would like him. I also think you guys would like his photography (click here!). It's a funny thing when those first date butterflies we all remember so much fade, and you're left with this raw human being in front of you. Let me tell you though, I prefer this raw human more than any best-foot-forward-first/second/third date-boy. 

Meaning, I prefer the off days, that help me to appreciate the on ones. I prefer the bedhead, sleep talking, messy boy that sometimes accidentally bleaches my favorite shirt....and sometimes leaves the toilet seat up, because despite those little bumps in the road, he truly is my favorite person. 



  1. I agree! I prefer my husband as the person I know now, not the one on our first date!

  2. i love your look!!

  3. Happy 8 months! :) You look so happy, I worked out a lot my junior year in college and it was definitely hard to stay fashionable when you just get done at the gym haha

  4. What a fun blog! Glad I stopped by!

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  6. if i tried to give my fiance a piggy back ride I would break my back!


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