Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sequin Sweaters

Sweater: J Crew // Shirt: Ross // Jeans: Tj Maxx // Shoes: Thrifted

Fall is coming & I broke out my sweaters! I loved wrapping it around me & enjoying the crisp air around. In other good news, Johnny and I have been married for 9 months today. 

When Johnny called my dad to ask permission to marry me, and they spoke for a whole two hours, my dad got off the phone and turned to my mom and said, "well..either this is too good to be true, or we've seriously hit the jackpot."

I'm here to tell you that we seriously hit the jackpot. 

This past week of finger-aching-drug-induced-craziness has consisted of him running around frantically to meet my every need. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Cleaning the entire house
2. Staying up with me until I can fall asleep
3. Conducting a drug hunt with me so that I could fall asleep [we kept it relatively legal]
4. Dancing ridiculously so that I would laugh when these dang drugs made me cry [sureee it was the drugs...that's what they all say]
5. Cooking our very first fall meal of this year--chicken & dumplings!
6. Coming home from work early to accompany me in a Modern Family marathon
7. Beat Boxing when I spontaneously decided to freestyle [Now THAT, I can't blame on the drugs]
8. Meeting with my professors to explain what is going on
9. Biking to get me bandaging
10. Helping me organize tonights girls night even though he knows it means being kicked to the curb for at least a few hours. 

The wildest & most wonderful part is that this past week was NOT very far off from every single day of the past 9 months.

Thanks for bearing with me on that mushy rant,



  1. What a good husband! You did hit the jackpot :)

  2. You look adorable! I love that sweater, you're also good at picking husbands :)

  3. Happy 9 month Anniversary! You look adorable. I love your sweater, sequins are my favorite. Sounds like you got a great man! Cherish him, they are few & far between from what I've heard :)


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