Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cupcake Coma

Lucky Boots: Macys // Jeans: Ross // Top: Tj Maxx

Yesterday, was my little sister's birthday. It was her very first birthday away at college & my older sister & I were determined to make it special. Since I was caught up in streamers, pizza, balloons, cupcakes, & candles, I was not able to post. But you should know it was worth it. She even said it was the best birthday she's ever had [more photos/videos to come]. I ate my heart out, which has resulted in a hopefully temporary cupcake coma. If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know what's happened...I just can't resist those sweet...yummy....delicious pieces of heaven! 

We gathered family & friends and we all shared what we love about Maggie. We did this in form of song, poem, or simply kind words. It was a hit! Johnny and I wrote her a song, it's about to hit the charts as #1. Okay, maybe I meant 1,000,000,000 but you can be the judge when I post it :) 

On a separate note, I'm crazy about this top. But I have a question for you guys. I love it, and I love how it fits, and the colors, and the pattern, and I especially love it with my high waisted jeans, but I am not sure about whether it works with skinny jeans & boots, what do you think? Is it a go? or a no go? 



  1. I vote for "go". It's adorable.

  2. i think it would look best with high waisted jeans, for sure. it's cute though!


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