Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Loose Tops/Summer Days

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Scarf: Tj Maxx // Earrings: Made by Anna Harris Art // Top: Anthropology // Jeans: Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Toms

This week will be crazy. My brother in law and little sister will both be starting at BYU this fall, and this week is move-in week! I could not be more excited to have them here. I'm not one to get very excited about school, so luckily I will have my mom, and those two here to distract me with shopping trips, cooking, and eating all kinds of snacks! As it's always a guarantee that I will put on a few pounds with family (am I alone in this?!), I will be dressing in a lot of airy tops like this one.

Share your dose of lovely: How will you be spending these last bits of summer?



  1. I Lovenloose tops! That's such a pretty scarf :)

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  3. Iz you are beautiful! These are my favorite shirts too.. It reminds me of wearing baggy sweatshirts in junior high but they are so much prettier!

  4. Love the way you tied this scarf - it is the perfect summer accent. And I'm so with you about the greatness of loose summer tops. - Katy


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