Monday, August 15, 2011

Floral Raincoat

Raincoat: Target // Top: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: F21 // Shorts: Nordstrom Rack // Scarf: F21 // Shoes: Sperry's

I was going garage sale-ing with my sister and it was promised to be in the 70's. Of course it started out chilly and rainy. So what do we do in Washington? Layers! I have my raincoat in the likely event that it rains, a sweater when it's cold, and a t-shirt and shorts when it gets warmer. This is my new favorite raincoat, I found it on sale at Target. It's so cute, I feel like I can wear it all year long because it combines the springy floral print with something I need to wear when it's yucky out!

Share Your Dose of Lovely: Do you have something that you like to wear year-round?



  1. I can't even imagine wearing that many layers right now (I'm from Louisiana, where the temps reach over 100 most days). My dad lives in Seattle and thinks it's funny to text me his weather report every day. I'm jealous of your chilly weather! And also of that adorable rain coat.

  2. That's such a great coat! I love all of your layers!

  3. Aaah i love your raincoat! I actually stumbled upon your blog because of it--i was google image searching "yellow floral raincoat" in an attempt to find this awesome raincoat i found at a buffalo exchange that was tragically one size too small. Would you mind telling me what brand it is? It's so cute!


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