Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog Swap: What to Wear Camping

We were so excited to do a blog swap with Savannah. 
She is sweet, stylish, and willing to take risks with her outfits! We like that.
Here she is.

Hello A Dose of Lovely readers! I'm Savannah from The Joy of Living.

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life, more specifically I grew up in a very, very small logging town in Southern Oregon. I live 40 miles south of Crater Lake

Needless to say where I live is not only beautiful, but it's also a camper's dream.

And in the summer my town gets busy with tourists flocking to the Rouge River National Forest to camp.

When lovely Carissa & Isabel gave me the option to do a post on camping I jumped at the idea! Surprisingly enough I've only been camping once, I was 12, and I'm pretty sure I wore my favorite shirt that said "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" <--not joking.

So this post is my chance at redemption for 12 year old Savannah. 

I came up with two different looks with similar concepts.

The first is for camping when it's a little cooler.

Warm socks, thick dark wash jeans, easy hair, and easy layers.

 tank: Charlotte Russe $2 on sale, lace tank: Hollister $10 on sale, jeans: Levi's $20 on sale, flannel: Abercrombie: $50, socks-Dad's, shoes: Macy's $10 on sale, belt: Dad's, shades: Dad's shades from the 80's

The second look is for a warmer summer camping trip.

Shorts that can get dirty, a light flannel, a denim jacket, and an old pair of favorite shoes.

jacket: AE $40 on sale, shirt: Hollister: $25 on sale, shorts: Abercrombie via Goodwill $3, shoes: Vans $50

Thanks for checking out my post!

I hope you enjoyed it.


Check us out today on Savannah's blog

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  1. I am going camping in Yosemite a week from today! I will be wearing shorts, hideous running shoes, converse and tank tops. nothing glamerous what so ever and usually no make up at all, it's pointless! i did get my eyelashes tinted last night though so that it will appear that i have mascara on!

    Libby on the Label


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