Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Carissa is loving

I am saying "why not?" to backpacks lately. Only cute ones like this though. I've never been a backpack person, but why not? I don't think I'm prepared to wear one to the mall (then you look like one of those post-school mall rats, no thanks). So instead of a tote I could wear a backpack while traveling, going to the beach, camping, etc. It can be a really cute accessory! So why not backpacks?

Peachy Breeze by Sally Hansen has been my favorite color to wear this season! It's especially cute when paired with a gold glittery polish to go over. This color is fun and flirty.

Bow belts! I just bought one this past weekend at a vintage thrift shop in Seattle. It adds a little bit of fun to any outfit.

xo, carissa

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