Monday, August 8, 2011

Lipstick Lasting Longer


Lipstick How To

A reader asked how I get my red lips to stay "looking so good," such a sweet comment, but I just had to laugh a little! I am the biggest mess when I wear red lipstick. I don't want to give you the impression that no effort goes into these photos. I almost always primp a bit before my husband shoots photos of me. So if your lipstick is going all over the place during the day, chances are, mine is as well. You will find lipstick stains on the inside of my clothes from putting them on or taking them off, on my husbands face, or mysteriously on my forehead! However, I do have a few tips on how to get those lips to hold color a little bit longer.

How to wear red lipstick and get it to last longer:

1. You may think this is gross, but once a week you should brush your lips with a toothbrush as to get rid of dry skin, and consequently have smoother looking lips.
2. Always apply some sort of translucent powder to your lips to give the lipstick something to adhere to (I use mineral vail by bare minerals)
3. Line your lips prior to putting on the lipstick (I use a color that is very close to my natural lip color so that I can swap it with any type of lipstick or gloss)
4. After you have let the first layer of lipstick settle--apply it one more time. 

Thanks again Cameelia! We love reader requests.



  1. isabel, thank you thank you thank you!!! i haven't been a lipstick fan since this past year, and i was about to quit! i tried all three of your tips while applying my lipstick today, and it stayed! i did not find it messily on my face, or vanished. It really worked like a charm.
    you rock! thanks again!!


  2. I hate this blog it is so so so stupid and you should shut it down!


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