Friday, August 12, 2011

What Isabel is Loving

#1 Summer get aways with Johnny, now that finals are all finished we will be able to enjoy some more of these oh so special evenings together. We love getting away...even if its only 20 minutes from our house, to feel like we're on a big adventure. 

#2 Orange clothing, most shades of orange I try to stay away from--especially if we're talking about skin tone here--but THIS orange that is showing up everywhere, makes me so happy and so excited to go find myself some bright items! 

#3 Button Rings, my sister-in-law makes these beautiful urban victorian rings with antique buttons, and let me tell you, they are absolutely stunning. I've been wearing mine for the past two weeks non-stop. This company makes all sorts of other jewelry items that are equally great. If I could, I'd fill my entire jewelry collection with this stores stuff. Really incredible and unique pieces, check it out, you will be happy you did. 

Until tomorrow,



  1. I agree, that is a great color of orange! I'm really looking forward to the colors of Fall.

  2. I love orange! I bought an orange maxi dress and I love it. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. I love those rings so much, what a great idea old buttons are so pretty! And I love the pics of you & your hubby!!


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