Friday, August 26, 2011

What Isabel is Loving

Shimmer Waves Bronze from The Body Shop-- This stuff is fantastic! First of all, it's five eye shadows in one, and they all look beautiful when combined, especially with hazel eyes. I even use this stuff as a blush, and it adds a really nice shimmer--which I just love. 

My sisters! I now have BOTH of my sisters in the same state as me! The last time that was the case, we hadn't quite figured out the whole best friends/sisters thing. So this time, now that we all are best friends, it should be an absolute blast. You guys better count on seeing more of these ladies during these next few years! 

Turquoise....EVERYTHING! I seriously love this color, love the look, love the stone, love it all! I feel like my turquoise pieces can match with all colors and make any outfit pop! Lucky's jewelry line carries a lot of turquoise....and I already own too much of it (is there even such thing as too much turquoise)? You should check it out next time you have a chance. 



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