Monday, August 8, 2011

Long skirt, Short girl.

Shirt: The Loft // Scarf: Thrifted // Skirt: Thrifted // Shoes: Old Navy 

I've worn this outfit almost three times and I have only had this skirt for a little over a week. I can't stay away from it! My only problem is that I think I might look like I'm drowning in it, is this true? It is so comfy and airy and perfect for summer. and fall. maybe winter. and definitely spring. It seems like you'll be seeing a lot of this skirt from here on out! These shoes are seriously probably 8 or 9 years old, and have yet to go out of style. They're great kick arounds for summer!

Share your dose of lovely: Long skirt on a short girl, yes or no?

p.s. that pseudo modeling face you're seeing in that first picture, don't be too impressed, it's actually me giving my husband the "really? did you just say that?" look in response to him teasing me, as he laughs at my expense and snaps some photos. I'm just living the dream.



  1. Your adorable and I think you pull off that long skirt perfectly fine. If you are struggling with it, try a pair of wedges!

  2. Love it! It looks great! And the color combo is super sweet! :)

  3. Yes yes yes! Long skirts are the best!

  4. Hi there:) Saw you on Mom2MemphisandRuby's bloggy and I had to stop by and tell you what a great bloggy you both have! I'm turning into a follower - RIGHT NOW:)

  5. I'm 5'2 and I love a long skirt, that one is lovely!

  6. Yes Yes Yes, I love long skirts no matter how tall you are!

  7. Thank you girls! I will definitely try it with wedges as well!

  8. the answer is YES. I LOVE it. I love the print and everything about it, and the head bandanna. it just all goes so well.


  9. I don't think you are drowning in the skirt at all, maybe just because the pictures were taken from a higher angle...

  10. i love your blog!!following now!
    have a beautiful day!
    and if you have some time you can see my blog too
    kisses from prague


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