Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gypsy Pants

I discovered the best/comfiest/most freeing outfit of all time. 

Harem Pants 

Shirt: Fossil // Pants: Thailand // Shoes: Toms

This week has been full of finals, exhaustion, and a lot of junk food. Tomorrow finals will be done, and  needless to say, all I will want to do is hang around in these pants, watching endless episodes of Modern Family, and eating/drinking my weight in diet coke and hot cheetos. Who's with me?

My sister snagged these for me on a trip to Thailand. After seeing them all over Europe I was more than thrilled to have a pair of my own. No worries, they will make there way over to the States in no time.

Share your dose of lovely: Harem pants, would you wear them?



  1. I am with you on MF Diet Coke and Cheetos (if you'll settle for regular.) But I I'l just have to wear sweat. Though, of course, you look beautiful in your gypsy pants.

  2. I would DEFINITELY settle for regular if it meant lounging around with you! I showed off my cute poppy tote on our guest post yesterday! It's a hit around here. :)

  3. Would totally wear them, especially those ones! LOVE them! Wish I could get a pair closer than Thailand! Ha! Love how you've styled them too. Are they jersey-like or more gauzy cotton? Either way... fabulous!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

  4. Gauzy, they're great. You'll have to find yourself a pair--you won't regret it. Thanks for checking out our blog!


  5. I LOVE your outfit

  6. LOVE all of these gorgeous Harem pants, so beautifully produced and perfect for every occasion. Such a beautiful blog you wrote.

    You can find some more on my etsy shop as well





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