Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cherry Print Sweater

Sweater: H&M, Tank: Target, Earrings: Here, Jeans: Macys

As our computer failed to load the second half of our photos, you will not be seeing any full body outfits here today, so let me tell you--I was wearing adorable, black wedges, that matched perfectly with my outfit, you would have loved them. Yesterday evening, the Mr. and I went on a picnic. We gathered yummy cheeses, bread, apples, carrots, and Jones Cream Soda---YUM. We talked, and laughed, and took photos all the while. It was nice to designate sometime to remembering how much we like each other, which is a lot, so much that I even gave him the last piece of sea salt dark chocolate. Now that, my friends, is real love. 

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  1. These photos are soooo beautiful! i love love that top!

  2. Love that top!



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